Wow mirror

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Size: cm 50x50
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  • Wow is a wall mirror with frame in synthetic cellulose felt to be wrinkled at will, available in white color. 

Product Dimensions

  • cm. 50x50 
  • cm. 95x95 
  • cm. 50x150



Design by UTO BALMORAL, 2016

It is inspired by the image of crumpled gift wrapping paper; the result is an object that is always different because it is creased by its user. Available in 3 sizes.

The thrill of unwrapping a gift or opening a package they sent us
The surprise, the amazement, the curiosity.
Emotions that keep us closely linked to our childhood and that help us to cultivate the child that is in us even in adulthood.
The playful aspect of paper crumpling
The possibility of manually and personally intervening on the design object to give it the desired shape
The metaphorical value of the mirror that reflects our image as if to suggest that after all, the greatest surprise, it is always the human being.



I don’t believe in design. I believe in ideas Uto Balmoral it’s not me. Uto Balmoral is the first virtual designer, is a character provokingly created to be a product himself, a project of the designer. The idea comes from a personal consideration about the concept of the ‘Designer as griffe’.

The consciousness rising of this phenomenon gave birth, with declared irony, to the new character Uto. Uto traces his own image starting from the denial of himself in a game of particular balances between the will/necessity of appearing and hiding. The central thread of Uto’s work is the simple necessity to communicate, to provoke, to generate something into the public, to force out a smile, to cause thinking, to spark off a reaction, to start a process able to go over the aesthetical sense and functionality and centering in this the principal scope of his work. First of all his objects are communicating, they are places where you can find a clear message. I don’t believe in design. I believe in ideas.

Uto starts his career in 2011 with the exhibition Maybe at DAAL Gallery in Milan presenting the limited edition piecies Unbstables and The Putrella’s Connection He collaborates with different companies as Tonelli Design, Officinanove, D3CO, Luce 5

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