Piantama side table lamp

MoggSKU: MPI15100

Size: cm 100 H | diameter 22/27
Color Lamp: White
Sale priceBHD 391.820
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  • Piantama is a side table | lamp in solid wood complete with pantograph lamp available in white or black.
  • Piantama is a successful combination of a natural element, the trunk, and the icon of the industrial metal lamp.

Product Dimension

  • cm. Ø30/33xH50
  • cm. Ø22/27xH100 


Design by MARCANTONIO, 2010

1 +1 = 1 ; this is shortly the result of a good match.

Piantama is the union of two objects that we all know, inside this junction they take the identity of a new and unique object.  A very simple operation, functional and poetic.
Materials: Lamp, tree trunk.


Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Marcantonio was born in 1976 in Massalombarda RA Italy. He attended the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts. Just graduated he begins to work in the theater scene and collaborating with architects on projects. Soon he begins to create unique pieces of design in parallel with a production of art, but step by step the two careers are beginning to become contaminated. So its design is enriched with artistic concepts. For over 10 years he worked for private or local public realizes. 

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