Cellula composition 7


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Wall cabinet in bronze patinated.

Suitable for any place, able to give life to a wall by the multitude of different faceted combinations and distinctly geometric character where full and empty alternate almost imperceptibly, makes a strong combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Product Dimension

Width: 65.5(W) x 40.5(D) x 35(H) cm 

n° 6 modules
n°1 open corner
n°2 closed corner

6 modules: 403 length cm x 105 cm height


Young&Design Winner 2018.
Modular storage units able to give life to a multitude of different faceted combinations, with a geometric character. Crystalline matrix, prismatic shapes and organic lines confer to Cellula a strong recognition, in a constant dialogue where full and empty alternate almost imperceptible, creating a tough union between aesthetics and functionality. Entirely made of metal sheets, the module has a square section of 350mm side and a variable internal depth, due to the 45° angle on the rear side that connotes the product allowing it a “never orthogonal” wall mount. Is also available a practical closing door accessory system which, fixed by magnets, can be applied, removed or moved on a next element any time, quickly and completely independently.


Design by STUDIOPANG, 2020

Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini set up studioPANG in October 2012, based on the shared idea that by combining diverse passions and skill sets, the approach to the project is enriched with new ideas and perspectives.
Design, architecture and communication are, first and foremost, opportunities for comparing and contrasting, before being channelled into the project.
Within just a few months of its foundation, the studio was already garnering a reputation for excellence, winning or receiving honourable mentions in various design competitions, while at the same time pushing ahead with partnerships involving a number of other companies in the design industry.
StudioPANG is a workshop – one that is constantly engaged on researching and developing ideas and projects; an open, dynamic environment that leverages a wealth of different experiences to give rise to a versatile and multi-faceted business.

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