Bice wall hanger set of 6


Color: 6 Copper
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Bice is a set of 6 wall hanging butterflies in brass casting. Stylized butterflies' different sizes and finishes. Can be fixed freely in the wall spaces.

Product Dimension

Width: 8 cm

Depth: 6 cm

Height: 8 cm


Design by ROBERTO MORA, 2012

After the graphics and painting of the beginning, Mora in the 90s enthusiastically embraces practices and theories of radical design. From this moment, the gallery Dilmos of Milan, will become for him a gym design and an ideal place to present its “unique” objects / sculptures in the balance between function and form dystrophies. In those years, Mora is exercised and explore the expressive possibilities of iron which combines wood and river stones met in its regular pilgrimages along the Apennine rivers. Between ’98 and 2004 he made several “pieces” and projects of chairs, thrones and containers: the throne “ferruccio,” the chair “oil” derived from the barrels of petroleum products, the chairs “chip chair”, a meticulous and elegant seating , the container “sba dan”, a project where the futuristic neo invisible force of the magnets acts as an intermediary in daring compositions. In 2004 he participated in the exhibition “Radical Design” curated by Gianni Pettena that documents in a small volume and rich the evolution of design from the 60s to today: Gianni Osgnach, Roberto Mora, Alexander Ciffo, Andrea Salvetti the Campana brothers and a dozen others represent the latest generation of designers power producers. In 2005 he was invited to “Art of Italian Design”, international exhibition curated by Alessandro Mendini. The end of 2006 coincides with the trip in Indonesia. Here, Mora, collects memories and experiences that will have considerable influence on the birth of “tubismo.” In 2008, presents the new collection “Cards & Cartocci” is the new protagonist of iron who dreams of being able to fly by simulating the lightness and fragility of the paper. In 2010, he participated in the “What things are” curated by Alessandro Mendini and visible for an entire year at the Museum of the Triennale in Milan. In April of the same year shall submit to the Dilmos “cartocciona” an iron armchair shaped and sculpted as each carved block of rock, while the next staff “Giocoincasa” engages with new languages ​​by making ‘Cosmocook “and” Verticalcook, “two works intended for outdoor sculpture. In 2011 presents “Babel,” a new cylindrical container that continues traces wrinkles of previous work, this time in a robe of more sophisticated color.

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