Alma planter self-watering

VondomSKU: 53013R_ANT

Material: Self-Watering
Color: Anthracite
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  • Pot made of polyethylene resin by rotational molding
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Origin: Made in Spain

Product Dimension


Inspired by ORIGAMI, the Japanese art based on folding paper in order to get different forms, and the motto of “Less is more” The whole is composed of an armchair, sofa, and table, with a modular structure which allows you to freely adapt them to your individual needs in any space.

From well-defined, geometrical, yet elegant and light shapes, a new collection is born that provides maximum comfort for its users and fits perfectly in with innovative architecture, thanks to its contemporary design, a characteristic principle from the A-cero studio.


by A-cero

Joaquín Torres (*1969) – Rafael Llamazares (*1970), Spain. A-cero Joaquín Torres architects company established in 1996 whose activity focuses on complete development of architectural projects. The human team, led by Joaquín Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, has been growing throughout the past year and sums up to more than 60 professionals spread out through different offices Spain (1), UAE Dubai (1), Dominican Republic (1), currently working on projects of different magnitude. “Our working method is based on a detailed analysis of the clients needs and the projects programme: we imagine, project and persuade. “The key to our success is that we stick to the initial idea trough out the whole process.

Who really are you? A-cero?

R.L. _Rafael Llamazares is a professional person who is dedicated, heart and
soul to architecture.
J.T._I’m a man who tries to live quietly and with as much dignity as possible.


What do you think of when you hear the word plastic?

_ For us Plastic means VONDOM


What is your favourite colour?



Which Vondom item from another desiner would you put in your home?

_Apart from our designs for Vondom I find the Ramon Esteve Collection the
most interesting.


What do you prefer, classic or science fiction movies?

R.L. _ I prefer science fiction, I really like the movie “Tron”, both the original
and the Remake.
J.T._If it’s a good movie it doesn’t matter whether it’s science fiction or


Do you have any fetish object?

R.L. _The Barcelona Daybed by Mies.
J.T._The Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe.


What was the last thing you bought?

R.L. _ A bicycle I bought in Kapelmur.
J.T._A seventeenth century Indian lattice window


Do you believe in perfection?

_We believe that by being constant in our daily work we can get closer to the
path of perfection.


Do you have any fixation or quirky habit?

R.L._I’m a little bit fanatical about organization in work, both mine and that of
my team.
J.T._Just one! If only it were just one…..


What do you do when you’re not designing?

_Oh, lots of things! Studio projects, keeping in touch with family and friends,
travel. Well, just living really.

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