Alga dining table

Point1920SKU: 7101436

Size: Ø90 x 75 cm
Color: Ivory 36
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  • Round table. Lacquered aluminium frame, round 3-4 millimetres Shintotex fibre weaving in finishes: 03 toasted or 36 ivory.
  • With Protective Cover
  • Made in Spain



The origin of it all 

José Pons Pedro, the founder of POINT, included this model of armchair in the first collections (in the 1920s). He gave it his personal touch of design and quality. He chose to make the armrests very rigid so that they would not break with the passage of time. He also included the openwork of the backrest, which made it less heavy on the eye. 

The difficulty with this piece is that it is woven entirely in the air. It has no structure from the seat upwards. The arms and back are a continuation of the seat. The rigidity of the armrests gives it its ultimate touch of solidity. It cannot be made by just any craftsman; it requires highly expert hands. 

It has been made with many materials: wicker, rattan core (with this fibre for more than 70 years) and later with Shintotex, a highly resistant recyclable fibre developed by POINT, with an aluminium structure, which is the version still in production today. The latest adaptation was led by designer Alfonso Gallego. He had the challenge of updating the model and turning it into an element that would go beyond time, fashions and trends. Gallego defines the Alga armchair as “a piece in the romantic Mediterranean style with its own identity”. This collection also has two round dining tables.

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